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Links to Knowledgebase


If a form contains the local message named 'msg_help_links', on the upper right form a tooltip with the local message will be displayed.



<msg name="msg_help_links">
&lt;a href="#" target="_blank"&gt;Why do you need an SSL certificate?&lt;/a&gt;
 &lt;a href="#" target="_blank"&gt;How to choose an SSL certificate?&lt;/a&gt;

You may use different messages for different user roles. Specify a user role (1 to 30) '/' separated. For example, if you add the following message, users of level 29 (administrator) will see a different message.

<msg name="msg_help_links/29">&lt;a href="#" target="_blank"&gt;Настройка SSL в WEB сервере Apache&lt;/a&gt;</msg>

You can insert '#' before the symbol to take into account the actual user role. If an administrator drills down to a User panel, his user role will change, but the actual user rule will remain the same.