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Softaculous is an easy-to-use auto-installer, which allows the installation of most popular web applications on your site. It provides a large number of PHP scripts and executable files that can be installed on the server.

Free and commercial Softaculous licenses are available for downloading, however, a number of scripts are not available in a free version. In ISPmanager billing system clients can purchase a Premium license. You can use a plug-in in the ISPmanager control panel – "Integration/Modules" to easily install and manage licenses.

Official website of Softaculous.

Before you install Softaculous, be sure to

  • install PHP posix (progress) and ionCube Loader
  • create a WWW-domain, and select the "Secure connection (SSL)" checkbox to enable secure connections for that WWW-domain.

If some extensions are missing, you will be prompted to install them. After you have installed the plug-in and Softaculous, "Softaculous" will be available in the "Extra applications" module.

For correct operation of Softaculous you need to activate Nginx and PHP-FPM FastCGI in Settings > Features> WEb-server (WWW) -> Edit.

How to install applications using Softaculous:

Login to ISPmanager as Admin and click the Softaculous menu, which includes a number of useful modules, such as statistics of plug-ins installed by your users. Install plug-ins on a web-server, drill down to the User level and click the Softaculous menu to open the user interface. Select a script and complete the setup steps:

To upgrade Softaculous to the Premium version, complete the following steps

  • log in to ISPmanager billing system to purchase a Softaculous module
  • return to ISPmanager --> "Help" --> "About program" --> click "Update license".
  • upgrade the Softaculous license by navigating to "Integration/Modules" --> Softaculous --> select the "Update license"checkbox, and click "Ok". This check box is displayed, if the ISPmanager license contains the Softaculous module.
  • go to the Softaculous configuration form to make sure that you obtained the Premium version. In the form that will open you can see information about your license.

Softaculous on ISPmanager Business:

  • Log in to ISPmanager Business as root --> "Integration" --> "Modules". After you have installed the module, a link to Softaculous in the interface menu will be available only for users (it is hidden for admin);
  • Softaculous is installed on all of the cluster nodes with the "Web' role;
  • when installing scripts, Softaculous will create databases on the cluster nodes with user's web-domains. Therefore, the MySQL role must locate on the cluster node with the "Web" role.
  • Softaculous has a number of database limits: a database name cannot exceed 8 symbols, and cannot contain "_". If you enable database prefixes, a CMS wont' be installed: "MySQL database not found".

How to change Softaculous URL:

Use the configuration file parameter:

 extaction softaculous [value] — for  ISPmanager Lite
 path softaculous-redirect [value] — for ISPmanager Business

The following value is used by default for this parameter:

 path softaculous-redirect [https://$nodeip/softaculous/|https://$nodeip/softaculous/] 

In this parameter,r you can use the $nodeip macro, which can be changed into the primary IP address of the cluster node.


You can change Softaculous logging settings in the web module.


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