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Plug-in example. How to add icons to custom menu items

Plug-in example. How to add icons to custom menu items

This article describes how to add an icon to custom menu items. If the user has not added custom menu items, see the documentation.

Open the Main menu → File manager. Navigate to /usr/local/mgr5/skins.

It is recommended to create a subfolder. In the current article the subfolder /usr/local/mgr5/skins/icons will be used. 


Open the current section. Click the Upload button. Upload the required images.

The file with the required image must be in SVG format only. Make sure that your images have a transparent background. The presence of a background will cause the icon in the panel menu not to be displayed correctly


Example of properly uploaded images:


Upload the images you need. Open the ispmgr_mod_menu.xml file. If it has not been created before, see the article


Enter the data in the following format:

<node name="testmenuitem" customicon="/manimg/icons/googlechrome.svg" />
  • node name - the name of the menu item for which you want to change the icon.
  • "/manimg/icons/googlechrome.svg" /> - path to the image.


Example of a correctly edited string:


The menu item icon will be changed.