Ispmanager 6 business documentation

About databases


A database is a collection of data organized by means of a database management system. Normally it is a set of interrelated tables that consist of columns (fields) and records. Databases allow you to manage large amounts of information over the web. They can be used to run web-based applications as well.

Create a new database

  • Name — enter a name for the database.
  • Owner — select a user who will be the owner of the database.
  • Database server
  • Encoding — select a default encoding that will be used for this database.
  • User — select the database user who will be able to access the database. If you want to create a new user, select "Create new user".
  • New user name — enter a username for access to the database.
  • Password — enter a password to access the database. The field cannot be blank, too short or simple.
  • Re-enter password — retype the password to ensure that it has been entered correctly.
  • Remote access — check the box to allow the user to access the database from a remote computer. Otherwise, only local access will be permitted.
  • List of IP addresses — provide IP addresses from which access to this database will be allowed.

Database dump

You may download the database dump to a local computer. Select a database and click the "Download" icon.