Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Add an administrator


A user account with Admin permissions is created when you install ISPmanager.

An ISPmanager administrator can perform the following operations:

  • manage user accounts: create, restrict permissions, delete;  
  • manage domain names;
  • configure the control panel; 
  • install and update software applications; 
  • manage and configure web-servers; 
  • set up PHP;
  • configure protection for mail domains from spam and viruses; 
  • set up the backup system.  

For more information please refer to the article User accounts.

To create a new admin:

  1. Log in to ISPmanager with the superuser permissions.
  2. Go to User accounts → Administrators → Add.
  3. Enter a Username that the user will enter to log in to ISPmanager.
  4. Enter his Full name for identification. This information will be displayed only to the administrators of the control panel in User accounts → Administrators → the Full name column.
  5. Enter the Password to log in to the system and Confrm it. Use the upper and lower-case letters, digits, special symbols (such as @, ?, %) for better protection of your password.
  6. Enable the Superuser option to allow the user to log in to ISPmanager and connect through the SSH protocol with the superuser permissions (root per default).
  7. Click on Ок.