Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Add an FTP-user


An FTP-user is used when you need to upload or download files to the server through ISPmanager. The user can access only the directory that you have specified when creating the user account.

To create an FTP-user:

  1. Go to User accounts  FTP-users Add.
  2. Enter the Name that is used to gain FTP access.
  3. Select the Owner of the FTP-user. This field is not available on the User level.
  4. Set and confirm the Password to access the FTP-server. Use upper and lower-case letters, digits, special characters (such as @, ?, %) for better protection of your password.
  5. Enter the Home directory of the FTP-user relative to the owner's home directory. E.g. if the owner's home directory is "/var/www/user/data", and the FTP-user is "/ftp", the FTP-user will have access to the directory "/var/www/user/data/ftp".
  6. Click on Ok.