Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Issues with CloudLinux

Possible issues that can occur when converting into CloudLinux

You can monitor the conversion process in the Cluster nodes module select a server Logs.


  • Fatal error occurred while converting the operating system — this error is caused by the cldeploy conversion script error. Click Details in the Log module for more information about this error.
  • Server is temporarily not accessible — error connecting to the cluster node. This is a standard situation that occurs when rebooting a cluster node.
  • Remote servers CloudLinux are currently not accessible — данная ошибка происходит в связи с отказом от обслуживания установочных серверов CloudLinux.
  • Error registering license — this error occurs if the CloudLinux billing system could not register a license for this cluster node.

ISPmanager will try to restart the OS conversion script.

  • The "PHP versions" module is empty upon conversion

The control panel receives "php versions" from the php packages provided by CloudLinux. Make sure those packages are present:

rpm -qa

Install them, if needed:

yum groupinstall alt-php

Delete the /usr/local/mgr5/var/.alt_php.xml file to make ISPmanager get the information about PHP packages.

More information about the OS conversion process can be found in the /var/log/cldeploy.log file of the cluster node.

Checking user limits

Execute the command lvectl limits ID to check the user limits. 

Execute id USER to find the user ID

Where USER is the name of the control panel user. 

Checking user load

Sometimes use websites may stop working, but it seems that user limits are set correctly. 

Execute the following command to check user load on  LVE:

lveinfo -u USER --period=1d --time-unit=1h

Where USER is the name of the control panel user. 

The values in the columns that end with "F" and "f" indicate how many times the user exceeded the limit over a certain period of time. 

Please refer to the CloudLinux documentation for a full list of values.

CloudLinux repositories are unavailable

In some cases, CloudLinux repositories may be unavailable. This may be because the license request was not sent or an error occurred while sending the request. In this case, dependencies are broken during software installation. To restore access to the repositories, send a manual license request by executing the command on the server with superuser permissions:

  • if the license is not linked to an IP address:
    rhnreg_ks --activationkey=<key>
    Comments to the command
  • if the license is linked to an IP address:
    clnreg_ks --force