Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Integrating BILLmanager with existing ispmanager accounts


A service provider sells shared hosting and uses only ispmanager for his needs. When he/she purchases BILLmanager and starts selling services via the billing panel, he/she needs to integrate the existing client accounts in ispmanager with services in BILLmanager. 

To do so, a provider can order a service in BILLmanager as a user and bind it with the ispmanager account. 

This article describes how you can integrate existing ispmanager accounts with services in BILLmanager. 

Integration steps 

Complete the following steps to integrate an existing ispmanager user with the web hosting service in BILLmanager:

  1. Navigate to BILLmanager → IntegrationProcessing modulesAddShared hosting → select Manual processing.
  2. Navigate to ProductsTariff plans → select a tariff plan related to the service you want to order → Processing modules → disable the existing processing module and enable the manual one you have created on the previous step.
  3. Log in to BILLmanager as a client and order the tariff plan connected to the manual processing module.
  4. Pay for the order.
  5. Log in to BILLmanager as an admin and activate both the manual processing module and ispmanager for the tariff plan.
  6. Log in to BILLmanager with permissions of the staff member who can handle tasks associated with the manual processing module. Navigate to ToolsTasks.
  7. Select the service activation task → click Edit →  Assign task. Change the processing module from the manual one to ispmanager. Username — enter the username exactly as it appears in ispmanager. Password — enter the user password in ispmanager → click Close task.
  8. Navigate to ProductsTariff plans and disable the manual processing module for the tariff plan to allow for automatic activation of services.

After completing the steps, the service in BILLmanager will be associated with the ispmanager account. Its status in the billing panel will be changed to "Active". 


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