Ispmanager 6 business documentation

User location on servers


In  Accounts  → Users → Location you can view and change information about servers where user information is located depending on server roles. 

In the table, you can see a server, its role, name, and IP address. 

To change the location of the user information on servers, click on "Edit",  select servers for the corresponding roles, and click on "Edit" again.

The system will start a background task to mover the user information between the nodes. 

The system will perform the following steps:

  • Copy the user files
  • Disable the user (including his web-domains, mail domain, etc.)
  • Copy the user metadata (web-domain settings, etc.) 
  • Rename the user databases
  • Copy the user databases
  • Synchronize the user files between the new and old servers 
  • Rename the user databases
  • Enable the user on the new server
  • Delete the user data on the old server
  • Create redirects for the domains when moving the user from the master-node to the remote one beside nginx-proxy domains.