Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Technical domains


Technical domains enable users to test their websites and other technical purposes. A technical domain is a sub-domain of the domain allocated by administrator or reseller.

Technical domains also allow users to access various websites that listens to the same IP address, by technical domain's URL. You won't need to wait for the information about domain names to update in DNS (this procedure may take up to one hour).


An administrator or reseller can create a technical domain (e.g., tech.dom) in the "Domains" module --> "Technical domains". Note: users cannot create technical domains as subdomains (e.g.,

In the user edit form, you can assign that user to a technical domain. This means that the A or*AAAA* record corresponding to the username (e.g., will be created for the technical domain (e.g., tech.dom).

When the user assigns a WWW-domain to his technical domain, the A- or AAAA-record are set according to the www domain IP address. The user's technical address (e.g., is set as an alias for the selected WWW-domain. Therefore, when accessing the technical domain, the user will see the selected WWW-domain.

When creating the user, which is already assigned to the WWW-domain, that WWW domain will be automatically associated with the user's technical name.

Additional functionality

To administer your technical domain, you can navigate to "Domains" – "Technical domains" – and use the "Users", "Main records", and "Move" buttons.

The user list displays only those users who have records in the technical domain.

The main records can be used to manage domain records that are not associated with users' technical domains. They show SOA, NS, and TXT records. You can add and delete records into that list if needed.

Clicking the "Move" button will move users from one technical domain to another.