Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Remote access to MySQL-server


A MySQL server can accept incoming connections from specific IP addresses. By default every MySQL-server listens to local IP address, every MariaDB server accepts all connections (i.e. it listens You can set up remote access.

 Note! This function is not available for  PostgreSQL

Navigate to Cluster settings → Cluster nodes → select a server with MySQL server role → click Edit. On the form that will open enable remote access, and select an IP address.

Note! For new installations, remote access will be disabled on a cluster node.  By default remote access to all cluster nodes with a MySQL database server role, is enabled (IP address will be set to

Creating a database user

If remote access is allowed for the server, where a user should be located, the corresponding checkbox will be hidden on the user configuration form.

Installing APS-scripts

If the main role is assigned to the cluster nodes which role differs from its MySQL role, you will get an error when trying to install an APS, in case the remote access is allowed.