Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Database size limit


This article provides information about database size limits in ISPmanager 6 Business.

In ISPmanager 6 Business, you can set the limit on the database size per user. If the limit is set, the periodic cron job will be executed with the period (in minutes) that you can specify in the control panel configuration file: 


the default value is 10 (minutes)

When the total size of all user's databases reaches the limit his databases will be changed to a read-only mode

When the total size of all user's databases is less than the limit the databases that were previously in the Read-only mode will continue their normal operation.

The Read-only mode means that write operations for all databases created by the user in the control panel are not permitted. 

The following permissions will be changed for MySQL:


For PostgreSQL, the read-only mode is not implemented. 

The control panel recalculates the size of the database automatically. The calculation algorithm is optimized so as to have a minimal impact on the performance of the database. You can set the recalculation interval using the DBCacheMaxDelay parameter of the control panel configuration file. Read more inDatabase size.The operation of recalculating the database size is a resource-intensive process. Therefore, if the database is accessed frequently, an excessively low value of the DBCacheMaxDelay parameter can lead to slowing down the database or blocking requests to it.