Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Branding settings for resellers



ISPmanager 6 Business allows resellers to configure their own brand settings, including:

  • Color scheme
  • Header
  • Logo (in panel and login form)
  • Address bar icon (favicon)
  • Legal notice
  • Contacts


In order to activate this function for reseller, panel's administrator should specify a domain name for new branding.

The domain should point to IP address of the server, where ISPmanager is installed.

Branding settings

Log in as a reseller and navigate to Settings → Brand settings.

On the form that will open you will see a domain name allocated to the reseller. The reseller can adjust other settings any time according to his needs.

Once completed, you can access a new interface at %reseller.domain%:1500/ispmgr

Additional functionality

The same branding settings will be applied to any domain name that will be created for reseller's users provided that he has custom brand settings.

I.e. of user's domain point to the panel's IP address, %user.domain%:1500/ispmgr will open the panel with reseller branding settings.