Ispmanager 6 business documentation

Service management


This module can be used to manage different services in ISPmanager. 

Add a new service to monitoring 

To monitor a service, select it and click on Add

  • Service name — the service name in the system. 
  • Process name — the name of the process for service monitoring. If the parameter was defined in the list of services displayed in the control panel, the value will be specified automatically. 
  • Service type — select a service control type. For more information please refer to the article Monitoring.
  • Set parameters manually — if this option is enabled the user should specify the service IP address and port number. 
  • IP address — the IP address where the service runs.
  • Port number — the port where the service runs.

Configure the list of services 

Here you can see all the services found in the system. 

Control of service statuses is defined by two parameters (process name, PID-file). If one of the parameters is not specified, monitoring won't be performed.

  • Service name — the service associated with the process. The field is read-only. 
  • Service process name — enter the service process name. 
  • Path to the PID-file — enter the path to the pid-file.

A process name for the control panel should be taken from the file /proc/[id-процесса]/status.

The field Name. id of the process can be found by the command service [service name] status or if you use new OS versions systemctl status [service name]


You can configure general parameters of the services and their monitoring. 

  • Monitoring — check the box to monitor this service. The program will run at regular intervals. If it finds any unavailable service, the program will try to restart it. If the monitoring program fails to restart, it will send the error notification to the specified e-mail address.
  • Period —  select the interval to monitor this service (every minute, every 5 minutes, every 12 minutes, and every hour). 

The main services such as Apache, Nginx, MySQL, FTP-server, name server, SMTP сервер, pop&imap server are monitored every 15 minutes by default.

For more information please refer to the article Monitoring.