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WWW-redirects allow proxying HTTP and HTTPS requests to WWW-domains between cluster nodes. It is used when importing a user from one cluster node to another after the IP address of a WWW domain has been changed to avoid website downtime until changes in DNS records are updated on all DNS servers and the website domain name is translated into the server IP address that the site was assigned to before the migration. 

From the technical point of view, request proxy is implemented by the configuration of the  HTTP-server Nginx on the cluster node where the website was located before the migration. The configuration file proxy.domain_name.conf is located in the standard directory of the Nginx configuration file (usually, /etc/nginx/conf.d/)

WWW-redirects have a validity period. When the period is over, redirects are deleted automatically.  The API function periodic is started by schedule, checks and deleted expired redirects on the master panel. 

Create a WWW-redirect

To create a WWW-redirect click on "Add" and enter the following parameters: 

  • Node —  the name of the cluster node to which the requests will be redirected. 
  • Domain name — enter the domain name for the redirect.
  • Aliases — enter the aliases (other names, subdomains) of the domain names for the redirect. 
  • Destination IP address  — enter the IP address of the server associated with the domain name. The IP address cannot be assigned to cluster nodes.
  • Expiration date — enter the date, hours, and minutes when the redirect expires. After this date, the redirect will be deleted automatically. 
  • Comment — enter any information related to this redirect. 

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