Ispmanager 6 business documentation

CloudLinux limit statistics

This module can be used for generating LVE usage reports per user over a selected period of time.

To generate a report, select a user (if you are admin or reseller) and period (the previous day, week, or month).

Every 5 minutes statistics is collected for users with CageFS activated, from all the cluster nodes. However, only the average and maximum values over the previous hour are saved. Thus, the master-server saves statistical information per user from each cluster node during one hour. Statistics that was collected earlier is deleted automatically.

The report displays the following information:

  • The number of faults occurred when a user hits the limit on concurrent connections, the total number of user processes, amount of physical and virtual memory.

Allocation failure means that the operating system could not run user processes, allocate RAM to user processes, etc.

  • CPU usage (average and maximum)
  • Physical memory usage (average and maximum)
  • Virtual memory usage (average and maximum)
  • Input/Output usage limit (average and maximum)
  • Entry processes (average and maximum)

Entry processes are the number of entries into LVE (e.g. each PHP process that handles PHP as CGI). Child processes are not taken into account.

  • User processes (average and maximum).