How to order BitNinja license

How to order BitNinja license

BitNinja will be available for purchase as a separate module for ispmanager in future releases.

BitNinja is a solution to protect your server from external threats.

You can order a BitNinja license in your ispmanager client area.

  1. Open your Client area and in the left menu choose Licenses → Other software.
  2. Order BitNinja license.

  3. Install the license on your server.

What threats does BitNinja protect you from?

  • XSS vulnerabilities and SQL Injections;
  • viruses and malicious software;
  • attacks from IPs on block lists;
  • from using forms on the site for outbound spam attacks;;
  • indirect DoS protection.

    Visit the website page to learn more about the solution features.

Отличие модуля и отдельной лицензии BitNinja

 ispmanager moduleA standalone license
Trial period (one per account)6 days6 days
Preconfigured softwareLog scannerNo preconfigured software
InstallationOne click in ispmanagerVia the command line interface
Required ispmanager on the serverYesNo
Possibility to install with ispmanager on a serverYesYes
Number of servers protectedYou can add any number of modules to protect servers. One module - one serverYou can add any number of licenses to protect servers. One license - one server

System requirements for BitNinja 

Whether you use the module or a standalone license for BitNinja, the system requirements are the same:

  • 1 GB free RAM
  • minimum 1024 MB of free disk space

Important: these system requirements do not take into account the load of other services such as websites, scripts, or the control panel.

For installation with ispmanager, we recommend using a server with 4 GB RAM or more.

Supported OS

  • CloudLinux 7 64 bit and above
  • Debian 8 64 bit and above
  • Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit and above
  • Red Hat 7 64 bit and above
  • AlmaLinux 8 64 bit
  • VzLinux 7 64 bit and above
  • Rocky Linux 8 64 bit
  • Amazon Linux 2 64 bit

How to install BitNinja license

  1. Connect to your server via ssh.
  2. To start the installation, enter the following command
 curl https://get.bitninja.io/install.sh | sudo /bin/bash -s - --license_key=License_Key_here_1234.

If you do not have the curl utility installed, download it using sudo apt-get install curl command — or yum install curl for RHEL-like systems.

The license key (License_key_here_1234) is sent in the mail when ordering. You can also see it in your client area by double-clicking on the license name.

Pay attention!

There will be temporary increase in load as BitNinja performs a full server scan after installation.

To access the BitNinja interface after installing a separate license, open admin.bitninja.io.