Working in eu.ispmanager.com client area

Working in eu.ispmanager.com client area

You can customize your account in your client area.

User settings

To access your personal account settings, click on your email in the top right corner and select Settings.

In User settings, you can change your phone number, upload an avatar, choose your interface language, time zone, set up two-step authentication, and more.

"Client" section

The Payer is used to perform financial operations in the client area. If you are an individual, you do not need to fill in this section. 

The payer has access to all financial transactions, can generate invoices, and receive legal and financial notifications. A payer is required to make payments. You can create several payers for one account in your personal account.  It can be an individual, a legal entity or a sole trader. Each type of payer requires unique data.

Payment methods — save to make ordering faster and more convenient. To do this, open the section of the same name and click Add. Select the payment method you wish to use and follow the instructions on the screen.

Discounts — in this menu, you can see all the discounts provided to you by Ispmanager company.

"Licenses" section

In this section, you can view the services you have already purchased. You can also modify or delete an existing service and view the history of your actions. If you have a question about a service - highlight it and press Question.

On the Ispmanager licenses page you can change the name, IP address or generate a new activation key for purchased licenses. Please note that generating a new key is only available once a month, if you need it more often, please contact support. You can also switch to a different plan for a license at any time by clicking the Change tariff button.

To purchase licenses, go to the Licenses section, select the desired service and click Order. Then fill in the parameters of the service and click To cart . You can add several different products to your cart and pay for them all at once.

In the SSL Certificates section, you can change the service parameters and also view additional information that depends on the certificate validation method, such as the TXT record. In the same section you can find the certificate files and secret key.

Working with the Ispmanager modules section is similarly organized.

"Billing" section

In this section, you can manage automatic payments, manage and view payments and expenses, and set up automatic service renewals.

"Support" section

If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact ispmanager support.

Support tickets — this section displays active and recently closed tickets and the status of your ticket.

Archived tickets — all closed requests that have been archived.

Notifications — a list of all notifications about services, finances, technical support, and news.