30 January 2023 Reading time: 5 minutes

Plans for ispmanager in 2023


We had to adjust our roadmap a lot last year to keep abreast of market changes and the wishes of our users and partners. Feature release dates were often moved as a result, frustrating our users' expectations. Eventually we gave up annual planning, and now we make our plans every quarter. Now the roadmap shows our annual backlog and our development plans for the next three months. In this article, I am going to tell you more about the new ispmanager tools scheduled for release in 2023. I'll start with the ones already in the works, due out by the end of March. Then we'll take a look at the backlog for the remaining three quarters.

Pipeline for 1Q2023

WAF, the web application firewall

We keep adding anti-DDoS protective tools to ispmanager. WAF (web application firewall) is currently under development. WAF consists of sets of rules to be installed on a server, where they will block unwanted traffic.

The ispmanager WAF is free. The feature comes with an observation mode where you get to see the selected rules in action on the server without actually applying them. This way you can test the settings without endangering the legitimate traffic.

Use WAF as your everyday safeguard against small and medium DDoS attacks, scanning, and parsing. To gain the capability to repel massive DDoS attacks, the use of the DDoS-Guard module is recommended. DDoS-Guard has a more subtle filtering action and uses its own server network for traffic protection. DDoS-Guard will relieve the traffic load on your hardware, which becomes a critical necessity in the event of a major DDoS attack.

Notification system

The January 31 update for ispmanager lite, pro, and host will come with a new notification system. The new system has all notifications neatly organized, they never go missing, and there are no annoying reminders. The system provides full clarity on the processes in progress on the panel and their status. For instance, you can find out when backup copying started and ended. We will keep adding new notification types as the year gets older, in order to keep you even better informed on the operation of the features.

This is how notifications will look already in the January 31 release.
This is how notifications will look already in the January 31 release.

Docker support

В ispmanager lite, pro, host появится раздел меню Docker. With this addition, panel administrators get to create containers, transient environments, and launch the RAM with restrictionsWe have discussed Docker functionality in ispmanager at a greater length on Linkedin.

Multi-version Python support

We'll be adding the option to configure Python modes and versions individually for each website. This functionality is currently available on ispmanager for PHP and Node.js, and many developers say it's really helpful. We reckon Python support will be just as helpful.

Rocky Linux, Alma & RHEL support

We often add the support of new operating systems to ispmanager to replace products going EOL. We also do this to give you a better choice. Support for Rocky Linux 8 is already in the works. RHEL 8, 9 & Alma Linux 9 are also due to arrive in the first quarter.

Other plans for the year

Here are some improvements slated for the 2nd to 4th quarters of 2023. The feature release dates will be firmed up later in the year. Meanwhile, you are welcome to vote for them on the roadmap and post your ideas on our Discord

Improvements to the backup copying system

We plan to continue making improvements to the backup system. We are currently working on an update to our backup copying system with your feedback in mind. We will publish the full list of features closer to the release date. We are definitely adding the option of saving remote users' backup copies - a lot of clients have asked us to.

Improved backup copy import action. The admin will be able to view backup contents right on the panel, complete with the users, websites, databases, PHP and Node.js versions contained in the backup copy. Before importing user data, ispmanager will match up the backup copy and the target server and highlight any configuration differences. It will be possible to transfer user data promptly to a new server without fearing any configuration issues.

Staging environment

Another web development tool is on its way, bringing the option for ispmanager to create the full operational replica of a website complete with the databases and all settings, and deploy a staging environment. Developers get to debug the code in an enclosed environment, and then roll it out to the release with a single button-click, with zero prod issues.

Storage and recovery of config files

Ispmanager will save the server's configuration files. This will make it easier to roll any settings back and make experiments without the fear of killing the server irrecoverably.

Improved usability

We keep working to make our panel even more user-friendly and improve every aspect of the design. This year, for instance, we plan to add the option of viewing images and other non-textual files via file manager, plus many more piece-by-piece improvements for a better user experience with ispmanager.

Mail server improvements

Ispmanager will help fine-tune the mailing action, adding the option to track sent messages and check their status.

We will protect the mail server by integrating the email antiviral app, Dr.Web Mail Security Suite. Incidentally, we added the Dr.Web website solution last year. You can get Dr.Web if you sign up before the end of February. .

Single-node shared hosting with ispmanager host

A great solution for shared hosting, employing the business edition of ispmanager. Designed with providers in mind, this version supports multiple nodes, reselling, and fine customization of resource demarcation.

If you seek to deploy a medium-sized shared hosting service on a single server, the business edition's capacity may prove excessive. Responding to this issue, we will be complementing the ispmanager host edition with reselling support in 2023 to enable you to create end user workspaces and set up reselling by integrating the panel with your billing system.

Brotli compression

We will be adding support of the Brotli algorithm for Nginx-based websites. The feature compresses data without any loss, lightens processor load, and accelerates website loading. It is a nice alternative to the gzip method currently in use with ispmanager.

Detailed API documentation

We've learned from your feedback that API documentation does not always make it clear how one method or another works. We will try to improve the documentation and we'll add some cases to illustrate the points. We may expand API functionality, but only if you're active in suggesting improvement ideas and voting for them.

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