17 May 2023 Reading time: 1 minute

Python support implemented with ispmanager


In beta release 6.74 on May 17, Python support was introduced for ispmanager 6 of lite, pro and host versions.

A new tool — the Python engine for ispmanager — creates a virtual environment to run websites and apps. Employ it to promptly port to production and maintain any Python projects — it's a cinch.

How to use

  • Add the option to use Python with ispmanager — open Settings — Software Configuration with administrator rights and enable Python. There, you can choose the interpreter versions as well.
    Enabled Python support in ispmanager
    Enabled Python support in ispmanager
  • Modify the permissions for the users whom you wish to enable Python for — open the "Users" section, click on the selected user and tick the "Can Use Python" checkbox.
    Enabled user permission to use Python
    Enabled user permission to use Python
  • Now users can create projects using Python — it is enough to choose the corresponding engine when creating a website, the desired version of the default language along with the operating mode — CGI (Apache + Python) or the Python web server are available.
    Creating a new website using Python with ispmanager
    Creating a new website using Python with ispmanager
  • Ispmanager generates a virtual workspace.
    Файлы, автоматически создаваемые по умолчанию, для сайтов с поддержкой  Python
    Files generated by default for Python-enabled websites

It's easy to edit folders and their content right in ispmanager. Example, you can port your website as a whole from the development environment to ispmanager and easily install all the required dependencies, as the control panel supports the PIP package manager. Therefore, deploying Python projects to production is a piece of cake now.

To explore ispmanager 6 with Python support, download the trial version of the control panel — free of charge for two weeks and without linking a bank card.