Setting up hosting with ispmanager 6

Ispmanager is a solution for managing your server, websites and services on it:

— for shared hosting;
— for VPS/VDS and dedicated servers.

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Ispmanager has everything required for hosting clients

  • Support for alternative versions of PHP, which can be configured for each website
  • Popular PHP modes: CGI, FastCGI, FPM, Apache module (mod_php);
  • Exim mail management, Dovecot, Roundcube web client
  • All current versions of MySQL, MariaDB, PerconaServer
  • PostgreSQL support
  • Apache, NGINX, OpenLiteSpeed web servers
  • Support for Let's Encrypt

In the future, we will include support for Node.js and Git in ispmanager 6. We will add a system of monitoring for websites, mail and services, so that clients can detect problems on the server in time.

Read the ispmanager 6 roadmap for 2023

Ispmanager 6 attracts users with no experience in administration

With ispmanager 6, clients with various levels of technical knowledge can manage the hosting of a website both on shared hosting and on virtual servers. The graphical interface and built-in tools help with this. For example, you can install popular CMS in a couple of clicks. A website builder will help anyone to quickly create a simple project.

"Often a client grows out of the shared hosting service and needs a more powerful and flexible solution - such as a VDS. In such cases, it is important to keep the service simple and easy to manage. Most clients, who started their way with shared hosting, often do not have the necessary experience to administer their own server. This is where ispmanager comes in. It closes the main problem - the lack of knowledge and experience in administration."

Sergei Naumov, Timeweb

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Hosting with ispmanager reduces the load on the technical support

The visual interface replaces the command line and does not limit the possibilities. Users can fully manage websites and services without contacting the provider

Ispmanager standardizes the work with hosting: each user has the same set of software and management tools. As a result, technical support spends less time studying the client's service

Automation tools save time on administration

Detailed documentation helps solve user issues

The panel helps to increase the average sale amount

You can monetize any hosting resources

With ispmanager, the provider can sell any resources and hosting restrictions: the number of websites, CPU, RAM, disk limits, mail addresses, backups, and anti-virus.

Sell value-added services

Ispmanager includes paid modules that extend the panel's capabilities:

Antivirus ImunifyAV

Provides security of websites and the server, protecting them from spam mailings and other malicious activity


Allows you to set limits on computing resources for user servers


Protection against DDoS attacks on client websites. Increases the availability of the hosting provider's and its clients’ services


A service for faster loading of websites. It is a content delivery network (CDN) with hundreds of servers around the world


Automatically updates the OS kernel and helps protect the server from vulnerabilities

Sell ispmanager licenses

For hosting providers and resellers, we offer an affiliate program and marketing support.

For hosting providers

Discounts on monthly licenses and ispmanager modules from 20% to 60%. Discounts are valid within a limited pool of IP addresses.

For resellers

Discounts on monthly licenses for ispmanager 6. The discount is not limited to a pool of IP addresses.

Ispmanager saves user data and increases service security

Ispmanager automatically backs up websites, databases, mailboxes, server settings, and its own settings. If a crash occurs or users make unwanted changes, the project can always be restored. This increases confidence in the service.

Clients who use ispmanager on VPS/VDS can manage their own backups in a user-friendly interface.

Install a free trial version of ispmanager

Try free of charge

The panel is integrated with the ISPsystem products

Ispmanager 6 works in conjunction with other ISPsystem tools for managing equipment and virtual resources. Together they allow you to set up your own hosting.


A billing system for hosting monetization and client management

Provisions shared hosting, dedicated servers, and VDS/VPS;

Manages tariff rates;

Accepts payments;

Controls resource consumption and payment;

Generates invoices and reporting documents.


A platform for server virtualization and provisioning resources to clients

VPS/VDS based on KVM and LXD;

Preconfigured applications (SaaS), including ispmanager and own software;

Isolated virtual infrastructure (IaaS);

High availability VMs.


A platform for physical IT infrastructure management

Provisions ready-to-work dedicated servers: with installed software (including ispmanager) and dedicated IP addresses;

Automatically diagnoses the equipment before issuing it to the client;

Organizes colocation;

Reduces the load on technical support: clients can independently reinstall the OS, reboot the server, etc.