COREmanager Documentation

Authorization with a temporary key


To log in to the control panel without a username and password you can use a temporary key. To generate the key, access the server as the superuser (root per default). E.g. if you have specified invalid keys when configuring reCAPTCHA, you won't be able to log in to the control panel with your login and password. Perform the following steps to log in with a temporary key:

  1. Connect to server via SSH with the superuser permissions.
  2. Generate a random key at least 16-characters long:
    pwgen -s 16 1
  3. Copy the key to the clipboard.
  4. Execute the function to create an access key: 
    /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/mgrctl -m ispmgr session.newkey username=user key=generatedKey
  5. Follow the URL in the browser:

    Log in with the key
  6. Following the URL will log in you in BILLmanager with administrator permissions. The temporary key will be reset automatically after the control panel stays idle for 1 hour. The key validity period can be changed using the OneTimeExpire parameter in the configuration file. See details in Configuration file parameters.