COREmanager Documentation

What is Xmlinstall?



xmlinstall can be used to merge XML documents according to certain rules.


-m   - the name of the control panel, for which this XML is generated

-v - number of the version (an integer), for which this XML is generated

-M - generate an XML, which contains all languages of a specified language. Use abbreviations to specify the language. The name must match the @name attribute of the lang element.

-I - generate an XML with metadata (except for messages)

You can provide any number of XML files you want to merge, after the above parameters. The result will be saved into the last file.

How it works 

Before merging the xml document, all unnecessary nodes will be removed. Use the following attributes to find unnecessary nodes:

dist - product version. It must match or be higher than this value

eqdist - product version. It must match this value

maxdist - product version. It must match or be less than this value

ifmgr - names of control panels space separated. Make sure that this attribute contains the name of the control panel, for which the xml is generated

After unnecessary elements have been deleted, the XML will be merged.


xmlinstall is used in out pre-defined makefile to form xml. It will be passed the following parameters: -m -v

A panel name is taken from the makefile MGR variable. If it is not specified, the name of the directory where the panel is built will be used

version - this value is taken from the makefile EDITION. The default value is 1

  • xmlinstall is started with the -I key to form the file with metadata
  • xmlinstall will start for every language specified in the Makefile LANGS variable (the -M parameter is used)