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Branding is the change to a logo, link, and interface color by re-painting images and changing colors in CSS files.
Brand settings can be changed in the "Brand settings" module (Main menu -> Panel settings-> Brand settings).

Images that should be re-painted during rebranding (logos, favicon, interface images), should locate in the ''default'' directory in the theme directory. That directory also contains the ''CSS'' file. The colors you want to change should be specified space separated in the comment in the first string.


/* recolor: 587b9d 78a5df e1e7ed 879cb5 537393 6086ab dae2ec edf2f7 4c7299 5d83c7 dbe7f7 6a94b7 e1e7ed c3d7eb 6a93b7 d0e8f8 b3bfff 2f8dd5 */

When applying new brand settings, modified images, the css-file will be copied into a new directory, and '''@localdir''', '''@logo''', '''@logolink''', '''@favicon''' will be modified in the XML.