Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Integration with WHMCS



There are two integration modules with WHMCS:

  • Ispmanager
  • Ispmanager reseller

The module supports the following General features :

  • Create a user in ispmanager
  • Enable/disable users
  • Delete users
  • Allow to log in to control panel as User or Admin
  • Change tariff plans


  • Ispmanager reseller can be used for "Reseller Account" services. Integration should be performed with admin permissions (ispmanager).
  • Ispmanager is designed to create services of the "Hosting Account" type, the integration can be performed both under a user with administrative rights and under a user with reseller rights.
The integration module was tested with WHMCS 8.5.1.

Installing integration modules

To install the integration module, go to the modules directory in the WHMCS installation's root directory, download and unpack files WHMCS.

After installing the modules, go to "Setup -> Addon Modules" and click "Activate" for the "Ispmanager global module". Once you are done, you can proceed with configuring your tariff plans and servers.

Connecting to the server with ispmanager

Navigate to "Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers" ->"Add New Server" (we recommend grouping the servers).

Complete the steps below:

  • Choose the corresponding server type: ispmanager/ispmanager reseller
  • Enter ispmanager URL
  • Enter the user or admin's login and password to the control panel (enter admin's login and password if you selected ispmanager reseller).

Сonnect to the server on port 1500 through HTTPS using the IP address specified in the server edit form. For each server, the "Go to server" button will be available enabling to get authorized with a temporary key.

Configuring a tariff plan

When adding a tariff plan you can enter the following parameters:

  • Product Type — Hosting Account
  • Product Group — product group
  • Product Name — tariff name

In the "Module Settings" tab you can select:

  • Module Name — ispmanager or ispmanager reseller
  • Server Group — a group of corresponding servers

Provide parameters that will be used for user creation in ispmanager

  • Package Name — the name of the existing user template in ispmanager. You can find it in the "Templates" module
  • Traffic quota — traffic limit
  • Db user count — the number of database users
  • Web domains count — the number of web-domains
  • Email box count — the number of mailboxes
  • Memory limit — RAM limit
  • Email box quota — mailbox disk quota limit
  • Disk quota — disk quota limit
  • Db count — the number of databases
  • FTP user count — the number of FTP users
  • Email domains count — the number of domain names
  • CPU time — CPU usage limit
  • Processes count limit — the limit on the number of running processes
  • Main IP address type — type the IP address
  • Username template — if not specified, the username generated in WHMCS will be used.

If a parameter is not specified, the value will be taken from the corresponding user template.

You can also provide additional options, such as IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Go to the "Configurable Options" module, create a new group of options (we recommend creating a separate group of options for each server, or make sure the list of disk templates is suitable for all servers) and create required options. The option name for IPv4 is IP, for IPv6 — IPv6. This feature is available only when you are integrating with ispmanager Business. In ispmanager lite (pro, host) you cannot allocate an IP address to a user.

You can allow your client to order multiple IP addresses.