19 January 2014 Reading time: 1 minute

Ispmanager Cluster


This material is connected to outdated version of the panel. To find out more about current one visit our main page.

Dear customers and partners!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new software product ispmanager Cluster.

Ispmanager Cluster enables to create a failover and scalable system to provide shared-hosting services. The cluster consists of several physical servers and distribute the load and functionality among them. It enables to duplicate roles by different servers, thus even when one of them fails, the entire system will continue to work.

You can download a trial version, test the software for 2 weeks and then purchase it.  This is a new product, so we can prolong the trial period  upon your reasonable request.

Ispmanager Cluster is a software that allows to provide shared-hosting services to achieve new levels of your hosting business.

More information about the cluster you can find here:

  • Ispmanager Cluster page
  • Software Documentation

You can view a price list and order the license in the Ordeers / Price section.