29 August 2022 Reading time: 0 minutes

On August 30, ispmanager 5 menu will be disabled in the ispmanager 6 lite, host, pro beta update


How it used to be

For a long time, ispmanager 6 offered an option to enable the main menu appearance as it was in the previous fifth generation of the product. The "ispmanager 5 Menu" button was provided for this purpose. So, users who migrated from the previous version of the product were able to adapt to the new interface more comfortably.

Button to switch to the menu of ispmanager 5

What it will be like from August 30 in beta release and from September 27 in the stable release

A year and a half has passed since the release of ispmanager 6, and in the 6.57 beta release dated August 30, the ability to switch the panel menu to ispmanager 5 will be disabled. By default, only the ispmanager 6 menu will remain available. The stable version will release this change on September 27.

ISPmanager 6 menu
ispmanager 6 menu

If you want to customize the ispmanager menu

The menu will remain customizable - you can adjust it to your liking. Use plugins for this: how to add a plugin, documentation.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact our technical support — we will offer help and advice.