30 June 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes

End of sale for lifetime licenses

Starting from July 9, 2018, ISPmanager ceases to stops selling lifetime licenses. It means that you will no longer be able to order a new lifetime license; however, all existing licenses will continue its operation without any changes, so you will be able to:
  1. buy update packages at 50% of the cost of the annual license,
  2. add nodes and servers.
Clients who have active lifetime licenses can order them till July 24, 2018. For providers and resellers, it is important to make changes to their tariff plans allowing to order lifetime licenses via API and announce it among their clients if possible.


Lifetime tarification is complicated and not always intuitive. Sometimes it leads to negative user experience when working with our control panels. We would like to fix the following issues related to lifetime licenses.

  1. Difficult and unprofitable to scale up DCImanager, VMmanager or ISPmanager Business. If you intend to add a server to your cluster for just a few months, you would need to buy extension at the highest price.
  2. A lot of users don’t really understand that lifetime licenses include only one year of free updates, while you need to buy update packs starting from the second year. Some users cut corners on updates and don’t buy update packages at all. It might lead to vulnerabilities, and we would like to eliminate such cases.
  3. Dishonest resellers might sell lifetime licenses without updates. Their clients pay for control panels without actual updates and bug fixes, receive negative user experience, and waste their time and money. We would like to make client experience better and our products easier-to-use.

Advantages of transition to annual licenses

All of those who utilize lifetime licenses of the 5th generation can take advantage of switching to annual subscription tariff. We can offer you from one to two years of free annual subscription, depending on your account. If you have already purchased update packages for a few years ahead, we will provide moneyback.
If you still use the products of the 4th generation and have plans to upgrade them, then now is the time! We will be happy to upgrade your old products to new annual licenses and help with migration and settings. Later on you will be able to switch from v5 to v6 without any issues.

This offer is limited.

We accept such upgrade requests till October 31, 2018. Write to our customer care department via tickets or email at mailto:bizdev@ispmanager.com.

We strive to make transition from lifetime licenses as simple and beneficial to you as possible!