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Tariff resources


Every processing module has its own set of resources. In this article, you can see a list of resources that BILLmanager can manage when you integrate the billing panel with ispmanager. 

Supported resources 

The service processing module supports the following resources (their internal names are given in brackets): 

  • Disk space (disc).
  • Traffic (bandwidth).
  • Web-domains (webdomainlimit).
  • Domains (domainlimit).
  • Mail domains (maildomainlimit).
  • Databases (databaselimit).
  • Mailbox (emaillimit).
  • CPU time (cpuusage).
  • Max CPU usage (CloudLinux) (cpuusage_cl).
  • RAM (mem).
  • Public IPv4 addresses (ip).
  • IPv6 addresses (ipv6).
The following information is given only for ispmanager business."Number of IP addresses" defines what IP address will be used in ispmanager: shared or dedicated.If 0 is specified in the "Tariff plan includes" field, and a client doesn't order additional IP addresses, the user in ispmanager will use only a shared IP address.If a larger value is specified in the "Tariff plan includes" field, and the client orders additional IP addresses, the account in ispmanager will be allocated to dedicated IP addresses.

The processing module allows collecting statistics for the following resources:

  • Disk space (disc).
  • The number of web-domains (webdomainlimit).

If you integrate BILLmanager with ispmanager business, the processing module collects statistics on additional resources: 

  • Traffic (in, out). 
  • CPU system time (cpu_sys). 
  • CPU user time (cpu_user). 
  • CPU usage (cputime). This is the sum of  'cpu_sys' and 'cpu_user'. 
  • Max RAM usage (mem_max). 
  • Average RAM usage (mem). 

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