Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Integration with DNSmanager

DNSmanager is owned by ISPsystem. For more info on how the system works, please check DNSmanager documentation.

Ispmanager can be integrated with DNSmanager that is configured as a slave name server. The domain created in ispmanager will be automatically created on the server with DNSmanager. To do this, configure the integration:

  1. In DNSmanager create a User for the integration. To do that navigate to Accounts→ Administrators select the administrator you need click on Enter.
  2. Log in to  DNSmanager with admin rights →  Main menu→ Users and create a new user. For each server with ispmanager you need a separate user.
  3. In ispmanager navigate to Domain names (DNS) and click on DNS Manager.
  4. In the Slave name servers form that opens, click Add.
  5. In the New slave name server form that opens, set:
    1. Enter the DNSmanager URL in the  Control panel URL field;
    2. Enter the DNSmanager User name that was created at the first step. Enter his Password.
    3. Enable the option Synchronize to add the domains that already exist in ispmanager to DNSmanager.
  6. Cick Create.
  • To add only part of domains in DNSmanager navigate to Domain names → select domains → click Transfer to DNSmanager.