Types of licenses

To be able to use ISPmanager control panel you need a license. We offer trial and commercial licenses. You can purchase a license in our Client area

License restrictions

ISPmanager Lite, Pro, Host versions differ in the maximum number of added WWW-domains (sites).

VersionMaximum number of WWW-domains (sites)
ISPmanager Lite10
ISPmanager Pro50
ISPmanager Hostunlimited
License limitations treat subdomains created manually as separate domains. Domains created automatically with the Autosubdomains function are not taken into account by the license.

Trial license

A trial version is an ideal solution for getting started with a control panel without any time or functional limitations. ISPmanager trial is valid for 14 days.

A trial license can be activated if a trial or a commercial license has not yet been activated on the server. Otherwise errors will appear in the log file /usr/local/mgr5/var/licctl.log when trying to activate:
  • TRIAL_AFTER_COMMERCIAL — failed to activate the trial license after activating the commercial license;
  • TRIAL_ALREADY_USED — failed to activate the trial license after activating another trial license.

How to activate a trial license: 

  1. Install a panel on the server. Learn more in the Installation Guide
  2. Open the panel in the browser https://:1500/ispmgr
  3. In the form that will open select "Get a trial version".
  4. Enter your login and password from the if you don’t have an account, specify a random login and password, the system will register the account automatically.

If there is no option "Get a trial version" on the activation form, access the server with the panel and download the file license again:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch ispmgr key
Comments to the command

When you see "Get a trial version" complete the steps above. 

Trial license limitations: 

  • The control panel interface is valid only for 2 weeks. When this period is over, the web-interface will be blocked. However, server settings and websites will remain unchanged and keep on working.
  • You cannot add paid modules, such as CloudLinux.

Commercial license

You can use this type of license for commercial projects. This type of license doesn't have any limitations. Users can obtain it for 1 month or 1 year and install all the updates it includes. When the license expires, the user won't be able to access the web interface and use its functionality unless he renews the license. 

How to upgrade from trial to a commercial version

There are two ways to upgrade a trial license:

  1. In the control panel interface. 

Open the panel in the browser https://:1500/mgrName and select "Purchase a license". Specify the period and other parameters, and follow the instructions.

        2. In the Client area.

Go to the website of the company where you purchased the license or to the Client area ISPmanager.  Renew the trial (to do so, click on "Change the tariff plan") or order a new commercial license. The IP address of the commercial license must be different from the IP address of the trial license. All the settings that you made in the trial panel will remain after upgrading to the commercial version.

If the control panel still informs you that you are using a trial version:

  1. Delete the license file: 
    rm -rf /usr/local/mgr5/etc/mgrName.lic
  2. Download the file again:
    /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch ispmgr key
    Comments to the command
  3. If the license information has not been updated, restart the control panel: 
    /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/mgrctl -m ispmgr exit
If you do not have SSH access to the server, you can delete the license file through any file manager and update the license information in the HelpAbout program section.