Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

User levels


Only authorized users can work in ISPmanager. This article describes user levels in the control panel. 

There are three user levels in ISPmanager:

  • Superuser (root);
  • Administrator (admin);
  • User.

Superuser (root)

A user account with the root permissions is created and used during the installation of ISPmanager. All other operations are performed with administrator permissions. 

A superuser can:

  • manage other user accounts (admin, user): create, set up access permissions, delete;
  • analyze the access and notifications logs;
  • perform preliminary setup of the control panel.

Administrator (admin)

A user account with the administrator permissions (admin) is created during the installation of ISPmanager.  He can manage domains and domain names. 

An ISPmanager administrator can perform the following operations:

  • manage user accounts: create, restrict permissions, delete;  
  • manage domain names; 
  • configure the control panel; 
  • install and update software applications; 
  • manage and configure web-servers; 
  • set up PHP;
  • configure protection for mail domains from spam and viruses; 
  • set up the backup system.  


A user in ISPmanager is the owner of websites (WWW-domains). Only an ISPmanager administrator can create a user. 

A user can perform the following operations: 

  • create and manage websites; 
  • create mail domains and mailboxes; 
  • create and manage databases;
  • manage domain names;
  • set up SSL-certificates for domain names.