Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Create a domain name

DNS (Domain Name System) is a mechanism designed to search a host's domain name for its IP address and vice versa, as well as other information that resource records contain. For more information please refer to the Resource records article.  A domain name is a set of characters that is assigned to a specific IP address.

Ispmanager can be used as the master DNS-server.

Perform the following steps to create a domain name:

  1. In the Main menu select Domain names (DNS).
  2. In the form that opens, click on Create domain.
  3. The Add a new domain form opens.
    • If you are working under an administrator account, the Administrators are owners option is available, or select the Owner to whom the domain name will belong;
    • Enter a Domain name;
    • Enter the IP address corresponding to the domain name. They are specified in the A-records of the domain zone;
    • Enter the Name servers that will manage the domain zone. They are specified in the NS-records of the domain zone;
    •  If you want a website to be created for this domain, enter the Local IP addresses where web servers accept requests to the domain's web pages and check the box Create a website to make this domain name accessible over the Web and allow users to access it from their browsers. For more info please refer to Add a website article;
    • If you want to create mailboxes on your domain, check the box Create a mail domain;
    • If DNSSEC protection is required, enable the Sign domain option.
  4. Click Create.
  • Ispmanager checks that the domain name doesn't contain the restricted names listed in Settings→ Reserved names. If a record is created for a domain name from that list, the domain name won't be created.
  • If a domain name in ispmanager belongs to a certain user, only the administrator can create its subdomain for another owner.

To access the Autosubdomains section, go to Main Menu SitesCreate website.

Navigate to Extended settings tab.

Scroll down to the bottom and open the Additional Settings drop-down section. This will open the settings for working with Autosubdomains. For more information, please see Add a website.