Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Backup of a single site


The single site backup module allows you to back up a selected site and restore data from the backup to the selected site.

Restoring backed up data from one site to another is supported.

How to create a backup copy

  1. Go to Sites and select the site for which you want to create a copy.
  2. In the context menu, click Create a backup copy of the website.

  3. A form will open showing the data included in the backup and the location to save the backup.

  4. Select the option to save:

    • Save to the home directory

    If you select this option, the backup will be located in the backups directory in the user's home directory, for example:

    • Download to the local computer

    In this case, once the backup is created, it is downloaded to the user's computer.

    After you have selected the location of the backup, click Create button.

How to restore from backup

  1. Go to Sites section.
  2. Select a website and click Restore website from a copy in the context menu.

  3. A form will open where you can select the data you want to recover:

    • Website files - files located in the website directory, e.g.:
    • Website settings - metadata containing settings from the website form.
    • Database - a dump of the website database and metadata containing settings from the database form and database users form.
    • SSL certificate - metadata containing the website's SSL certificate.
    If the SSL certificate was reissued after the backup was saved - make sure you do not restore the old certificate (item not selected), otherwise the old certificate data will be restored.   .
    • If Website settings checkbox is enabled, the restored Database, SSL certificate will be linked to the website.
    • If you enable only Database and SSL certificate the relevant entities will be restored without being linked to the website.
    • When you enable Website settings providing the database and SSL certificate already exist, they will be linked to the website, otherwise only website settings will be restored.

How to restore from backup to another site

  1. When restoring a backup to another site, depending on the items selected, the following actions will be performed:

    Website files will be extracted to the home directory of the new site. The directory and file structure will be preserved.

    Website settings will be applied to the restored site, with the same logic as in the main backup module.

    Binding to the Database will be performed if the database has been successfully restored or if the user has no binding to another site.

    Database will be restored if it is linked to a site or if it does not exist at all.

    SSL certificate will be restored if it does not exist or is bound to a site and is appropriate for the site being restored.

    In other cases, a corresponding error will be displayed.


  2. Select the archive source:

    • Home directory

    The contents of the backup directory will be displayed, from which you can select a copy for recovery.

    • Upload from local computer

    The file upload manager will be displayed. One tgz file can be uploaded at a time.

  3. After filling in the settings form, click Restore.

    Only one site backup or restore operation is available to the user at a time.

    If a user is being backed up or restored by the primary backup module, a site backup or restore is not available.

    Site backups are not displayed in the backup list of the main backup module.