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Issues with IP adress



Cannot add the IP address to the server interface from the IP address section.

Error:  Cannot assign the IPv4 address. The cluster node 'node1 (' cannot manage IPv4 addresses
The log file contains the following information : ERROR Error: Type: 'ipmanage' Object: 'ipv4' Value: 'node1 ('


When adding an IP address from a new subnet, you need to add the address from the subnet to the server network interface. This error means that there are no IP addresses from the network and you need to add one address manually.

The DefaultInterface directive in the ispmgr.conf configuration file (ISPmanager Lite, Pro, Host) or ispmgrnode.conf (ISPmanager Business) defines the network interface where ISPmanager will search for the IP address.

Example: DefaultInterface bond0.

Restart the control panel to apply the changes:

killall core


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