Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Data transfer between users


Data transfer between users - is an ispmanager module that provides a smooth process of changing the website owner and related entities. It allows you to transfer SSL certificates, databases, mail domains with mailboxes, and website files.

The module is available in ispmanager 6 Lite/Host/Pro versions at administrator level and higher.

Change website owner

Navigate to the Sites section. Choose the needed site. Click Change owner button.

Data transfer between users is not available if the template engine is disabled.

A form will open, showing the list of data to be transferred, the current and the new path to the website directory, and the list of users. Select the new owner from the list in the form and click Change button. 

If the new owner lacks rights or permissions for certain resources (e.g. PHP, Node.js, Python, number of websites, etc.), an information banner will appear listing the required changes. When you confirm thetransfer, the system will automatically increase the required limits such as number of websites or permissions for PHP, Node.js, Python. In case of an error or if you cancel the data transfer, the limits will not be returned.


Navigate to the Sites section. A list of sites will open with detailed information about the process and execution status. All transferred objects are marked with an image of a truck. The object is migrated and no modification actions can be performed on it.


For entities that are marked with a truck icon, the following actions are prohibited:

  • Edit;
  • Enable;
  • Disable;
  • Delete.
The associated database, SSL certificate, domain name, and mail domain with mailboxes are also transferred when the site is transferred.
Data transfer between users is not available for CloudLinux.

 Change domain name owner

  Navigate to  Domain names (DNS). Check the domain name to transfer. Click Change owner.

A form will open showing the list of data to be transferred. Select the new owner from the available options. Click Change. If the domain name corresponds to the website, the entities described in the Change website owner section will be migrated.

Change the mail domain owner

Navigate to the Mail section. Click Mail domains button. Select the domain name and click Change owner

The following form will open. Select the new owner and click Change. If the mail domain name corresponds to the website, the entities described in the Change website owner section will be migrated.

View the transfer task list

To view the list of transfer tasks, go to the Users section. Click the Data transfer button.

The following form will open:

  • Name - the transferred website name;
  • Status - the website transfer status;
  • Current owner - the former owner of the website;
  • New owner - website new owner;
  • Data types - icon indicating data types (website, domain, mail domain, database, SSL certificate);
  • Date - data transfer date.

Cancel data transfer

In case of problems or data migration hangs, you can cancel the process. To do this, select the appropriate line in the transfer list and click the Cancel button.

If the transfer has not been completed, it is canceled. The mechanism for canceling the transfer takes into account the task work for mailbox or website files at the time the button is clicked. If the cancellation occurs at a later stage, the transfer will be completed. A red icon will appear in the data transfer list.