Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Software configuration


Using the Software configuration module, you can install and configure additional software. For example, an alternative version of PHP or DBMS.

To use the module, enter SettingsSoftware configuration. The installed software is marked with the symbol in the Status column. The list of installed software is shown in the Installed column.

The software is installed from the ISPmanager repository. Check that the ISPmanager repository is connected to the ISPmanager server.

Installing software

To install software, select the required line in the list → Install button → Ok.

Configuring software

To configure software:

  1. Select the required item →  menu → Edit.
  2. Specify the required software settings. The list of settings depends on the selected software.
    If no software has been installed, then the first time you open the form, the recommended software is highlighted in the list, not the actually installed software.
  3. Press Save. ISPmanager will change the software configuration.

Deleting software

To delete the software, select the required line in the list → Uninstall button → Ok.

ISPmanager does not delete packages affecting the server’s operability:
  • for all OS — logrotate, MySQL;
  • for CentOS — exim, sendmail, postfix.

Updating the software list

To update the software list:

  1. Press the Update button.
  2. Enable the Update the list of software products option. With this option enabled, ISPmanager will update the cache of the system package manager.
  3. To run a background software update task, enable the Update software option.
    With this option enabled, the system package manager will run the software update automatically. This operation may have unpredictable consequences. We recommend running update only if you are sure.
  4. Press Update.