Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Enable and configure web-disk


Web-disk is a way to access the user's directory using the webDAV protocol. This protocol allows you to add to the user's computer directory from a remote server as a separate disk. The user can use Web-disk as an alternative to connecting to the server via FTP. Files available to multiple users can be stored on a web disk and edited together.

Enable web-disk 

The apache mod_dav module is used. Apache ITK must be enabled.

To allow your users to use web-disk: 

  1. Go to Settings → Web-server settings.
  2. Enable the option Enable Web-disk.


    3.  Click Save.

Configure web-disk 

To configure web-disk for the user:

  1. Log in as the user and go to Main Menu → Web-disk.
  2. Enter the Directory (the path is relative to the user home directory) where the data will be saved. The user home directory is specified by default.


  3. Click Create.

How the link is generated:

  1. The IP address where one of the user's SSL-enabled WWW domains is running will be selected. The link is formed as "https:///webdav/<username>".
  2. If the user does not have WWW domains with SSL enabled, the link is formed as "http:///webdav/<username>".
  3. If the User has no WWW-domains, any IP-address of the server is selected. The link is formed as: "http:///webdav/<username>".

The link is displayed on the User Dashboard in ispmanager.

To enable the web-disk on Windows, you first need to allow authentication using auth_digest method.