Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Database size

User database size cache enables to reduce the load on database servers and enhance the performance of the control panel.

This process saves the current size of the database and calculates when to perform the next update of the database.

The time is calculated as follows:


CurrentSize —  database size in cache,
NewSize —  current database size retrieved from the server, 
Ki — feedback ratio, 
PreviousImpact —  impact calculated on the previous step,
impact —  current impact,
maxdelay —  maximum delay in seconds,
Delay — delay in seconds before the next update.

When caching a database for the first time, the next request for its size will be performed in MAXDELAY seconds. By default, MAXDELAY is the number of seconds in 6 hours. It can be changed through the '''DBCacheMaxDelay''' parameter in the configuration file.