Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

License activation

The control panel checks the license information on a daily basis. For this purpose, a request is automatically sent to the license server, where the panel receives up-to-date data about the expiration date, tariff, etc.

The data is always stored in the /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ispmgr.lic file on the server after successful license activation.

Activation by IP address

The IP-address is specified in the license settings in your personal cabinet. You can specify it when you purchase a license or add it at any time.

An attempt to activate a license by IP address is made immediately after ispmanager is installed. The panel sends a request to the license server and checks if a suitable license is available. If a license is found, the panel is activated, if not - the panel remains in an inactive state and waits for activation.

The panel is activated automatically if the external IP address of the server with the panel is specified in the license settings. If the server has several external IP addresses, you can specify any of them.
If the server with the Panel is behind NAT (no external IP address) or there is no IP address at all on the server's network interface, perform activation by key (see below).

Activation by key

A key is a unique digital license number that can be used only once. You can view or generate a new key in your Clent area.

There are two ways to activate the license manually: via the panel web interface or via the command line.


Via web interface

  • open the menu;
  • click License management;
  • click Activate license;
  • enter the Activation key;
  • click Activate.


Via command line interface

Connect to the server with the panel via SSH with root privileges and enter the following command:

/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch ispmgr key
<key> — the license key from your client area.