Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Configure the Cloudflare firewall


The firewall allows you to block visitors according to certain rules. Perform the following steps to create a new rule:

  1. Log in to ISPmanager as the User.
  2. Go to Sites → Cloudflare → Firewall.
  3. Select the parameter that the firewall will check in the Source type field:
    • IP or IP range — Cloudflare will check the user IP address. Enter an IP address or IP range in the format "/" in the field Source address. The supported prefixes are "/16" and "/24" for IPv4, "/64", "/48" and "/32" for IPv6;
    • Country — Cloudflare will check the user country. Enter the country code in the Source address field. You can find the list of country codes at the Cloudflare website.
  4. If the user parameter matches or is included in the range specified in the Source address field, the following Action is performed:
    • Allow — the visitor will always have access to the protected website;
    • Check — requires the user to complete CAPTCHA verification in order to visit your site;
    • JS-check — within five seconds, Cloudflare determines whether the user's browser is real. For verification, it sends a mathematical problem that takes a little time to calculate. If the response is successful, Cloudflare will remember the browser and allow access to the user;
    • Block — the visitor will never have access to the protected website;
    • Comment — optional field. Here you can add any information related to the issue.
  5. If necessary, leave a Comment to the rule. It is displayed in the list of rules → Comment column
  6. Click Ok to save the settings in Cloudflare.