Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Access to functions


Ispmanager allows customizing the set of functions available to the user. Access permissions can be configured for a specific user or for a group. Permissions for a specific user have priority over group permissions.

To configure group access settings: 

Go to  Settings → Access to functions

 To configure permissions for a specific user:

Go to Users → select user → → Perm.

General information

This section displays the list of control panel functions and their current status for user or group:

access to the function is allowed
access to the function is denied
a restriction is set for the selected user or group
A restriction has been set for a function that applies to all functions with similar names. Only the function to which the restriction has been applied will display the access indicator.


To enable/disable access to a function, select it from the list and press Enable or Disable button.


To reset all access settings for a user or group, press Set to default

Configuring access to subfunctions

For some functions, the control panel allows more fine-tuning. For example, you can allow the user to view and use filters for the "Access log" function, but prohibit the generation of reports.

To configure access to subfunctions:

  • Select the function from the list.
  • Press Restrict functions button.
  • Configure access to the required subfunctions using Enable and Disable buttons.

Configuring access to fields and columns

You can allow access only to certain fields and columns in the function interface. To do this:

  1. Select the function from the list.
  2. Press the Fields button.
  3. Configure access to the required fields and columns using the Enable and Disable buttons.

Configuring permissions for an account

To make the permissions of an individual user differ from the group permissions, select the required function and press Permissions:

  1. Disable the Inherit option.
  2. Select Allow access or Deny access.
  3. To give other users in the group the same permissions, enable the Recursively option.
  4. Press Save.

Configuring filters

Filters allow customizing access settings for the function. For example, you can allow the user to view the operations log only for a certain period or only for certain actions.

To configure access settings, select the function and press Filter.

Configuring access policy

The access policy defines what access a user will have to functions for which restrictions are not explicitly set. Possible configuration options: .

If you change the policy settings, the existing access settings will be reset. If the user is a member of a group, the group access settings are preserved for that user.

To change the access policy:

  • select the function;
  • click Policy button;  
  • select the default policy, Allow all or Deny all;
  • click Create.