Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

How to work with ISPmanager in OpenVZ?


This article describes some peculiarities that you should note when installing ispmanager on an OpenVZ container.

IP address management

IP address management functions, in particular, creation and deletion of IP addresses, are not available in COREmanager 5 that ISPmanager is based on. With the control panel installed on an OpenVZ container, you won't be able to add or delete an IP address.

To resolve this issue, you should add and delete IP addresses on the container's network interface, and restart the panel to apply the changes.

In ISPmanager 6 Business those cluster nodes for which IP addresses cannot be added, will be marked with the corresponding icon in the list of cluster nodes (Cluster settingsCluster nodes)

Disk quotas

You need to set up disk quotas on the parent server (Host) to be able to set up and activate quotas, as well as install the corresponding software in an OpenVZ container.

We strongly recommend that you enable disk quotas before installing ISPmanager 6

Adding a cluster node before setting up disk quotas in ispmanager 6 Business will cause the cluster node configuration to fail. The corresponding icon will be displayed in the list of cluster nodes (Cluster settingsCluster nodes). Such node won't be included to the cluster.