Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Web scripts catalog

Web scripts allow you to automate the installation of a content management system (CMS), a customer relationship management system (CRM) and other software.

Manage web scripts

The list of available scripts is displayed in the Web scripts form (in the Settings section) with the administrator rights.

Available actions:

  • List– Select the desired script beforehand and click the List button, a form with all available versions of the script will open. Action buttons with script versions
    • Description – displays info on the selected package version;
    • Allow – makes the selected version of the package available to the user;
    • Forbid – makes the selected version of the package unavailable to the user;
    • Default – the version of the package will be installed by default, it will be installed when users click the Quick install button of the script in the CMS of the site.
  • Update – button starts the process of updating the list of available web scripts. Ispmanager downloads the files from the connected repositories and saves information about them in the database. You can add and delete the scripts from the list;
  • Available – the list of scripts allowed to be installed by the user.
The first time you install a web script, the necessary package is uploaded to the server. After that, it is installed in the directory chosen by the user. Subsequent installations of this script use the already downloaded package.

If you need to install additional scripts, use one of the methods described below:

APS scripts are not recommended for use.

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