Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Product development stages

Support for ispmanager 6 lite (pro, host) is divided into three stages:

  • GA (General availability) — main support stage;
  • LTS (Long-term support) — limited support stage;
  • EOL (End-of-life) — support termination stage;

The duration of each stage is determined by the stages of the software life cycle for ispmanager 6 lite (pro, host).

Software life cycle

StageIspmanager installationSoftware updatesDocumentationTechnical supportStart
GA (current status)Standard installation process
  • New features development
  • Fixing errors and vulnerabilities
Provided and updated in full scopeSupport is providedQ2 2021
LTSStandard installation process
  • Improvements related to changes in legislation.
  • Fixing critical errors and vulnerabilities, except those related to unsupported versions of operating systems (OS). Read more about supported OS in Server requirements.
  • New features are not developed.
Provided and updated in full scopeSupport is providedN/A
EOLOnly with a special key or using the old installerNo new updates are released, including security updatesProvided in full scopeNot supportedN/A



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