Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Create VPN user

To create a VPN user:

  1. In the Main menu select VPN.
  2. On the form that opens, click Create VPN configuration.
  3. On the New VPN User form that opens, fill out the fields:
    • Username - name of the VPN client configuration;
    • Administrators are owners – checkbox, selecting which will assign administrators as the owner of the VPN client configuration, the configuration will not belong to any user;
    • Owner – ispmanager user, VPN client owner (when the Administrators are owners checkbox is selected, the field is missing);
    • DNS – DNS server address;
    • Routed addresses – IP addresses to which traffic will be routed via VPN when accessing;
    • Handshake interval – time interval in seconds after which the client will exchange messages with the server, so that the connection will not be closed due to inactivity;
    • Comment;
  4. After filling in all the fields, click on Create.

If everything was successful, you will see a new entry in the VPN users (WireGuard) list.

In the same section the issued settings for connection can be found. For this purpose in the upper menu it is necessary to choose the Download IPv4 configuration item or Show QR code.