Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Issues with licenses


When activating or working with the panel, a message may appear: "There is no license available for your server. The key may have already been used, or the key may have expired, or the installed version of the product may be higher than the version to which the specified key allows to update. " The article reviews the possible causes of this error and the solution.

Activating ISPmanager 5 Panel with ISPmanager 6 License

You need to update the panel to version 6 following the instruction ISPmanager Update

The ihttpd port is not accessible from the outside

By default, the built-in web server (ihttpd) listens to port 1500. It should be available. You can configure ihttpd to listen to other ports using the Configure Built-in Web Server instruction. Настройка встроенного веб-сервера.

The server did not have time to update the file

You have just renewed your license and the license server has not yet had time to update the file. The license file is usually updated within 10-15 minutes. Possible solutions:

  • Wait for 10-15 minutes, the license will be activated automatically
  • in your Personal Account navigate to ProductsLicensesChangeLicense Key, generate a new key and specify it in the Activate existing field.

The version of the panel installed on the server is higher than the version of the license

Run the following command on your server:

/usr/local/mgr5/bin/core ispmgr -i

If the version on the server does not match the version of the license, then you need to extend the service pack in your personal account.
For example, your panel version is 5.300, and updates from the license were purchased before 2021-05-11 (the available version is 5.299). In this case, you will need to purchase an update package to activate the license.

Server time does not match

The time on the server does not match the time on the license server. Synchronize the server time with the Exact Time Servers (NTP) clock.

IP address does not match

The IP address does not match. The address specified on purchase must match the actual IP address of the server.

You are using the panel version below 5.45

Check the current version with the command:

/usr/local/mgr5/bin/core ispmgr -i

This command will show the version on any server. If the version is lower than 5.45, update it following the instructions in Documentation.