Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation



Docker - software for automating the deployment and management of applications.

  1. Docker is available for ispmanager host and pro versions under administrator rights, as well as for the trial version. To continue using Docker after the trial period, you must purchase a host or pro license. When purchasing the lite version, Docker is not available.
  2. No backup is created for Docker.

Containers Form

To start working choose Docker tab in the Main menu.

The form includes the following buttons:

  • Create a container;
  • Start;
  • Stop;
  • Delete;
  • Container settings;
  • Create an image;
  • Image management;
  • Configuration file.

The list shows all installed containers with information about them:

  • Name – image name;
  • Image – the image based on which the container is launched;
  • Status – container status;
  • Autostart – status of automatic container startup;
  • Uptime – container operation time since startup;
  • Date and time of container creation;
  • HDD – the amount of disk space consumed by the container.

More detailed description of the work process:

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