Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

NAT configuration


NAT (Network address translation)  is a process in which one or more local IP address is translated into one or more Global IP address and vice versa in order to provide Internet access to the local hosts. If the server with ispmanager Lite (Pro, Host) has a private IP address and the NAT is configured in the local network, you need to map IP addresses in ispmanager. This will allow users from the external network to access websites created on the server with ISPmanager Lite (Pro, Host).

Complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings → IP addresses → NAT settings.
  2. Enable the option Use NAT settings.
  3. For Internal IP addresses enter the corresponding External IP addresses. 
  4. Click Ok.

In the Domain names (DNS) → Manage DNS records section the domain zone files will display external IP addresses, if specified.

The external IP addresses will be displayed in Sites and Mail sections but web-servers and mail servers will use internal IPs.

Perform the following steps to disable the mapping of IP addresses: 

  1. Go to Settings → IP addresses → NAT settings.
  2. Disable the option Use NAT settings.
  3. For external IP addresses in the Old IP address fields enter the corresponding IP addresses in New IP addresses.
  4. Click Ok.