Ispmanager 6 lite, pro, host documentation

Create a mailbox

A mailbox is used to receive and store emails from users. Every mailbox has an email address of the following format, e.g., "".

To create a mailbox in ispmanager (first create a mail domain if needed):

  1. Go to Mail → Create mailbox.

  2. Fill in all the required fields.


  3. Enter the Name of the mailbox. You can use low-case Latin alphabet letters, digits, a dot, and a dash. 
  4. Select a Domain where the mailbox will be created. 
  5. Enter Aliases for this mailbox. Emails sent to aliases will be forwarded to the main name.
  6. Enter a Password to access the mailbox.
  7. Send a copy to — enter the email address where all incoming email messages will be forwarded to. Select the checkbox Do not save incoming emails if you do not want to save received email messages in this mailbox  
  8. Enter the maximum size of the mailbox in the Disk space field.  Emails will be rejected when this limit is exceeded. .
  9. Enable additional options. They are available only if the corresponding module is installed. Please refer to the articles Install a mail server and Create a mail domain. 
    • Enable Greylisting — select this check box to enable Greylisting for the mailbox. If the option is disabled the mailbox is added into //postgrey_whitelist_recipients;
    • Enable SpamAssassin —  a mail filter for spam protection. If the option is disabled, the mailbox is added into //;


    For more information about the filters please refer to the article How to protect a mail server from spam and viruses.
  10. Enter additional information in the Notes field. The information will be displayed in the list of mailboxes → the Info column.

  11. Click Create.